After a lot of controversy over the issue of having cattle colonies all over the 36 states in Nigeria by the president of the country, Mohammadu Buhari, most people especially the opposition party have faulted this move.

Recall that there is still a court case which questions the emergence of president muhammadu buhari election for a second term. The opposition candidate, alhaji Atiku Abubakar, candidate of the opposition people’s democratic party (PDP) has also openly criticized the decision to create cattle colonies all over the nation.

Although, some people feels this move is a right move in the right direction because it will improve safety of lives and properties, some other say it is a terrible move to cause move problem in the country.

The nation at the moment is experiencing crisis in many parts of the north also kidnapping and killing has moved from the northern part of the country spreading to the south and eastern part of the country.

Many southern and eastern governors have declar that they will not be willing to release their ands for the project, so supports the motion as they assure the president of their total support.

Many accusations have pointed that the evil act is been perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen. This is the major reason why many has kicked against the establishment of the ruga proposal by the federal government.

During an interview in Akure yesterday, Mr adeleye said “If we give the access to our lands then our lives are at risk because they will take over our land and kill us all”. Stating that living with herdsmen will be an evil that must be avoided like a plague.

Senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Falana stated in an interview that cattle ranching is not just starting in Nigeria today. He made references to Obudu cattle ranch and other ranching established long ago during Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe’s era. Falana stated that the federal government does not have the right o take over lands in any state except in the federal capital territory, Abuja. He said Buhari cannot come to any state to take lands, he doesn’t have the power to do so according to the constitution. Only a state government can allocate lands or give out land for any reason.

He pointed at the advantages of having cattle ranches. He stated that it will make the economy better and many unemployed will get job. He gave examples of other Africa countries that are into ranching and how that has made their economy better.

While the federal government has said that the introduction of this project in all states of the nation is an investments of a huge resources to grow the economy and also put an end to the crisis of farmers and herders clashes the nation has suffered for a long time, many Nigerians feels it is a waste of resources and a plan to take over their region and societies. Some call this move an invasion into their lands while other say their privacy is been invaded.

After many deliberations and arguments over these issue, he federal government finally announces the suspension of the ruga project. Many people have yet commended the government for the decision, some say it should be totally abandoned or cancelled instead of suspending it while other insisted that the project must be implemented.


A group of northern youths have expressed their displeasure to the president and declared a 30 days ultimatum to Buhari to ensure the project becomes a reality.

Nigerians awaits the decision of the government as we all wait in anticipation.



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