Enjoy 5X Bonus On Every Recharge- Glo

Enjoy 5X bonus on every recharge- glo



The grand masters of data (GLO) introduces new package available to both new and old subscribers. This package called “Amebo Bonus” makes it competitive as all network hustle to attract customers since the market is now very flexible.
Recall that mtn recently introduced a bonus that gives subscribers 8X bonus and every recharge. This mtn package know as MTN Yafun Yafun made old subscribers that have abandoned their sim cards return back to the network since it give them more call time with family, friends and loved ones.

5x airtime

This offer is also equivalent to what Airtel introduced some time ago. Customers and subscribers gets 3X bonus of every recharge made on the network. Airtel Smart Connect is also available to old and new subscribers. Bonus on airtel smart connect can be used for voice, sms and data.

The glo Amebo Bonus gives all its subscribers both new and old 5x the value of their recharge .Which means when a customer loads N100, customer get an addition of N400 which sums up to N500 on every recharge of N100.
This is a step employed by glo to retain customers they loss after the termination of the special data offer few months ago. It was observed that most customers abandoned their sim since the N200 special data promo of 1GB valid for 3 days was cancelled.
In a bid to get customers satisfaction, glo recently introduced data subscription of 10.4Gb for N1000. Although, this is exclusive to only new subscribers on the OGA SIM package. It has have the rule that before such customer get the value above, their must be an auto renewal of previous subscription with a special code. Check previous tutorials to get more information on the glo 10.4Gb for N1000.
The glo amebo bonus is therefore a package all glo subscribers both old and new must opt in due to its special features.
How do I activate this 5x recharge package (Glo Amebo Package) ?
The good news is that you do not have much work to do in order to enjoy this offer.

All that you need is
your glo sim card (Either old or new) but you must ensure that it is a registered sim.
Simple purchase a recharge voucher of your choice. Minimum denomination is N100 (Note that recharge must be made with a physical voucher as VTU, transfer of any form of digital recharge method is not eligible for this offer.
Scratch the voucher and load it to the sim using *555*voucher pin#.(Do not make the mistake of recharging using the *123*voucher pin # option, as this will not qualify you for the glo amebo bonus offer.
Then confirm your balance by dialing the normal ussd code (#124*1#)

This offer is available to all glo subscribers. It does not select any tariff plan. Whether you are on glo oga tariff, glo 200% offer, glo bumpa plan or any other, you are an eligible customer to participate in this offer.
N100 = 500
N200 = 1000
N500 = 2500
N1000 = 5000
Available to all customers (New and existing)

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