First and foremost I will like to categorically state that the disadvantages of nomadic culture of herders in Nigeria are much beyond what the government think, their activities in our forest has many environmental and ecological effects; deforestation is the topmost as Fulani herdsmen cut down trees as feeds for the cattle especially during dry season, also they cut down big trees in search of honey, they burn bush even before time with the believe that new grasses will grow earlier for the cattle to feed on even reserved thick forests have been turned to open fields by the activities of their men. Many waterways and streams have been blocked and sand filled by Fulani herdsmen in order to store water for the cattle..

Speaking with 356news, He said the Effects of open grazing on farmers and farming activities is another serious problem as many farmers have been kill across Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen over disputes of cattle overrunning farmer’s farms while many other farmers have be sacked or voluntarily retired due threat to their lives by Fulani herdsmen..

Fulani herdsmen know all the forest roots linking the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria thereby kidnapping and robbery by their men is easier, you can be kidnap in Benue State while the payment for ransom and release will be in Edo State..

As a young boy back in early to mid 90s my Dad told me that this guys are not from any Nigeria State, that they are immigrants from some neighbouring countries to the northern states of Nigeria, so am now surprise that in our country illegal immigrants is given so much rights and privileges at the detriment of the citizens. I know that the northerners are the sympathisers and defenders of Fulani herdsmen maybe because of language-link and religion, but that shouldn’t be so, we’re first Nigerians before belonging to any tribal or religious group….

I listened to some agitator on television saying that the economy advantages of herders are enormous, but if I may ask how many of them pay taxes, many of them don’t even operate bank accounts but do cash and carry business do I wonder the so called economy value.
I think Nigeria State should look at the direction of training their indigenes on agricultural fields like livestock animal rearing and breeding etc, Local governments should invest in ranching which will be managed by indigenes.. this will create jobs and increases the revenue of the states.

Also the federal government as a matter of urgency should make proclamation to prohibit open grazing across the 36 states and federal Capital (Abuja), while Nigeria immigration service in collaboration with joint task force should embark on recapturing the Fulani herdsmen (BORORO) across Nigeria forests and cities to have a comprehensive data, while proper arrangements is made to resettle them as a tenant in an allocated space of land in any state that agreed to be a host..

Just meditating loud……….
Eyitayo Eric Ajayi

Author: Sir_muel Concept

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