Remembering Moji Olaiya: 5 Movies You Should Watch

Remembering Moji Olaiya: 5 Movies You Should Watch

In honour of Moji Olaiya memory, here are some of her movies you should watch.
1) Iya Okoi (Mother-In- Law): This movie explores the challenges wives encounter in their homes with their mother-in-law. An interesting and captivating drama that most homes can relate to.
2)Oba Adetoyese: A King enthroned by the gods was given a new wife as a gift by the Queen on his coronation day but the new wife stands as a contender and will stop at nothing but destroy the peaceful co-existence of the king and queen.
3) Ekun Arogbo: Siju’s mother was wrongly accused and sentenced to jail. Siju has no choice but to live with her aunt who forcefully introduces her to robbery.
4) Eega: Forgiveness is not in the dictionary of Enitan who played the role of Sister Mary and Khadijat just to get the heart of her mother’s betrayals.
5) Anjola: They say the Devil you know is better than the Angel you just met. This is the case of Anjola who left her Angelic husband for Gbolahan the Devil.
May Her soul continue to be at rest

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